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Lorry Loader Crane Safety Solution

A Lorry Loader is a crane mounted on a truck chassis. Its primary application is to Load/ Unload the Truck. It can lift the load from all sides adding to its flexibility. These cranes are designed to typically lift smaller loads; lifting an unknown heavy load may lead to damage to the crane or surroundings. A smart comprehensive safety solution is a must for these cranes.

Klug Avalon has a deep knowledge and experience in offering solutions to its customers. We have a team of field experts who constantly keep innovating to make crane operations safer and productive. One of the major reasons all major OEMs prefer working with us is because we add value to their business.

Klug Avalon has a safety system specifically designed for Lorry Loader cranes. The system measures the pressure in the luff cylinder to calculate the lifted Load. The working capacity is calculated on various parameters viz. boom angle and radius. The system displays these parameters on its HMI and also annunciates the crane operator by audible and visual alarm. The system is self-calibrating and does not need any dead weight for calibration.

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Specifications- Lorry Loader Crane Solution

Load measurement using two methods to suits crane model and customer’s requirement:
a.Pressure Sensor, measuring luff pressure in the lift cylinder. The lifted load is calculated based on the pressure output. No welding on the boom.
b.Load Plate, mounted at the end of the hoist wire rope in line with wedge socket arrangement. No welding on the boom. Also no deadweights required for load calibration. The load plates are pre-calibrated.

Sunlight readable backlit LCD Display, UV stabilized with antiglare coating suitable to be mounted outside the cabin in an open space

Clear & easy to understand Audio & Visual Annunciation for exceptional conditions

Output available to drive a hydraulic dump valve for implementing motion cut-off function, protecting the crane from an accident.

Robust built, sealed components designed to operate in rough & rugged conditions. Water ingress protection on all outdoor components.

Easy to use, operator-friendly & trouble-free operation.

Operates on 10V to 30V battery supply

Serial port output to integrate telematics device to transmit lift data to the cloud.

Simple, easy to do wiring using waterproof connectors

Protection against overloading:

Overloading causes structural failure, breaking of wire rope leading to an accident. The KOPS prevents this by monitoring the load lifted by all the hooks and displays it on the display unit. On overload, the systems provide an audible and visual alarm to alert the operator and further activates the cutoff device to stop further movement of the crane in dangerous conditions.

Safe and selective Bypass:

By adding a few components to the standard system, KOPS will auto BYPASS only the safe motion of the crane instead of completely freezing all motions. The operator can operate only those motions which will bring the crane to a safe condition. Thus ensuring complete safety.

Protection against over hoisting of Hook:

For long boom cranes and lifting at full boom length, the crane operator is not able to clearly see the hook block. If the head pulley block collides with the hook block it may cause wire rope breakage leading to an accident. The KOPS system uses an A2B switch with a deadweight suspended to it, to monitor over-hoisting avoiding an accident.

Ensuring crane operator does not continue operating the crane when its overload:

The KOPS on overload condition activates a motion cutoff dump valve to stop the crane from further moving in a dangerous condition. The dump valve is connected in the crane hydraulic line. When activated the hydraulic oil is sent to the tank stopping the crane operation. The crane operator then needs to press the BYPASS key; responsibly; to bring the crane to safe condition by taking corrective action.

User settable set-points:

The KOPS system has five programmable set points. Based upon the %SWL the KOPS activates various alarms; both visual & audible. These set points can be settable by the user (thru password-protected supervisor settings) depending on the site requirements. E.g. Sites where safety is much needed like a petrochemical plant/ nuclear plan the set points %value can be reduced to make crane operation safer.

Fail Safe:

This function of KOPS; when configured by the supervisor; will ensure that the crane will not operate, if the safety system is bypassed or not functional. This ensures full safety at the site.

Ensuring the Bypass function is not misused by the crane operator:

When in an overload condition, if the operator misuses the use of the BYPASS key to operate the crane (instead of taking corrective action to bring the crane to safe condition), then a BYPASS inhibit function proves very helpful. The KOPS has a fifth set-point, wherein if the %SWL crosses the set-point5 it will freeze all crane functions, and even pressing the BYPASS key won’t help. The operator then needs to contact the crane supervisor for help. The crane supervisor using his password can supervise the operator and ask him to get the crane in safe condition. This facility proves very useful in avoiding an accident.

Voice alert the surrounding using high pitch Hooter and visual alert using a Tower lamp:

As per the international safety standard, the crane surrounding needs to annunciated, when the crane is in unsafe condition. This is for alerting personnel working close to the crane so as they could move away from the vicinity of the crane.

We keep on adding many more safety features to our system periodically. For more information please contact our sales team.

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What is an SLI system?

Safe load indicator is a safety control unit mounted in the crane’s cabin to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery

Is it necessary to install SLI system in our crane?

Yes, it’s necessary and important to avoid any future accidents while working with materials without knowing the actual load and rated crane capacity.

What if we have old crane dose your SLI system support our crane operation?

Yes off course, as per your crane capacity chart we will make a custom SLI system that matches your crane and its operation

We have pre-installed SLI system, still its need to update?

Yes, sometimes pre fitted safety system are inadequate to protect hence we recommend to talk our Crane safety system officer and know the best suited solution for your crane.

What is an anti-two block switch?

Over-hoist switch measures the distance between the lifting hook block & the head of the boom crane, which avoids the collision between them and alerts the operator by sending signals via the SLI.

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