About Us

Klug Avalon is India’s leading mechatronic company. Its extensive portfolio includes world class construction safety instruments and it delivers safety solutions for lifting, material handling and off highway equipment.

We are the first to indigenously develops Safety System for crane in the year 2000; and bring to the market a feature rich, technical superior product. Today, we are well known in providing wide-ranging Products and Solutions for these market; 

  • Safety system for Cranes- Constructions; Factory; Offshore 
  • Safety system for Forklift, 
  • Safety system for Aerial Work Platform (AWP), 

We dominate this market space with over 90% share in the OEM market and over 75% in After-Sales (Retrofit) market. We have a sizable but fast growing share in the On-board weighing market too.

All our products are designed and manufactured in-house adhering to strict quality control and meeting all relevant international safety and quality standards. 

We invest high in product designing and development of human resources to constantly innovate ourselves. Our focus on connecting aspirations and our pipeline of tech-enabled products keeps us at the forefront of the market.

Our Vision

“To be global leaders in mechatronics space by adding value, driving innovation and engineering excellence.”


Smart Business Team

Smart Business Team

We pride ourselves for the keeping forefront smart innovating technologies in trending market with our dedicated, experienced team members and with our complete RND team.

On call support

Customer Service

Dedicated team handles all incoming calls and are reachable to all over India.

Marketing Outreach

Marketing Outreach

All our Sales Consultants have years of experience in this field and deep knowledge of site related operational safety and they educate customer to choose best product.

Design Innovations

Design innovation

Product development team is our backbone, Our R&D centre focus on the best quality product, while investing in safety, efficiency and technology.




Each safety system component has been tested to perform under severe climatic conditions, then they are tested for 48 hours before delivery and adheres to all domestic and international safety standards.
Production Facilities

Production Facilities

Our stand alone machines include high quality PCB assembly tools, metal working with VMC,CNC. Inventory and production planning is encrypted with SAP Software, complete automated store, automated universal testing rooms for load sensors.



Our manufacturing facilities are certified for world-class manufacturing and quality standards. We have state-of-the-art technology backed by passionate engineering, quality talent and focus on automation and technology.

Our team

Rupesh Gupta

Founder & Managing Director

Rupesh Gupta is the Managing Director and Founder of Klug Avalon.He began his career in 1992 with a degree in Electronics field. He  has a vast experience of 28 years in Mechatronics as well as Heavy Earth-Moving Equipment industry.

Rajita Gupta

Co-Founder and Director

Rajita Gupta is a Director and Co-Founder of Klug Avalon. She has done her career in Structural Engineering. After 1992, she devoted her career in the Mechatronics industry and has 27 years’ of experience.

Kalyan Sundaram

Production Head

Kalyan Sundaram is Manufacturing Head in Klug Avalon since 2.5 years. Prior to that he has 45 years of Industrial experience in various types of product manufacturing. His expertise in manufacturing and purchase. He has rich global experience of growing organizations and new leading markets.

Hiten Shah

Design Head

Hiten Shah joined klug Avalon in 2018, having spent his early career working with German MNC. Since joining, Hiten Shah has been heading the Design Department as Design head, and has more than 30 years’ experience in Design and Production areas, with major exposure in the weighing Industry.

Abhijeet Bhosale

OEM Sales Head & Service Head

Abhijeet Bhosale is working with Klug Avalon as OEM sales head and Service head since last 4 years and responsible for all after sales support, customer relationship and handling all major OEM in industry. Abhijeet Bhosale has vast 24 years of experience in sales of construction and material handling industry.

Nitin Purohit

Sales Head

Nitin Purohit is a sales head and looking for all domestic and overseas markets. Almost 33years of vast experience in industrial product sales, field sales from industries like constructions.Motivated and customer oriented approach which covers the retrofit market.