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CanBus System

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Wireless System

Crane Safety analog System-Klug Avalon

Analog System

EOT Cranes

Klug Avalon has developed safety solutions for EOT cranes which cover all the safety aspects in one system and also it is rugged in design. It provides complete safety solutions for lifting operations of cranes.

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Specifications- EOT Crane Solution

– Robust system for indoor and outdoor applications

– Fast Installation

– Simple Calibration using the inbuilt keypad

– Hook Monitoring is available in single and dual hook configuration

– Working on a digital platform that makes the system fast, accurate, and reliable

– Self-diagnostics system warns the operator of any type of system failure

– Dynamic Loading without false alarm

– Optional: Wind speed measurement

Display:4", 4digits + 1 red/green annunciator, 7 segment LED Display
Sensors:Load Pin/Tensiometer
Relay:Potential free Relay output, standard 3 available (Good Sense, Overload Protection, Slack Protection)
Power Supply:100 to 280V, 50 Hz, AC Single Phase Power Supply
IP Rating :IP65 (for Display)
Operating Temp :0°C to +50°C
Storage Temp :-10°C to +60°C
Enclosure Canopy :Yes
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Bluetooth connect-Crane Safety System-Klug Avalon


Data Logger-Crane Safety System-Klug Avalon


Cloud Connect IOT -Crane Safety System-Klug Avalon


Crane gps tracking system-Klug Avalon


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Comprehensive Operator’s Training – where operators can practice with the equipment they will use each day. Worldwide we provide on site and in house training facilities, educating them about the safety of the cranes.

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EOT Crane Solution

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No matter you are a Crane Owner. A Crane Service Provider, or an Orignal Equipment Manufacturer(OEM), we have a solution for you all.


What is an SLI system?

Safe load indicator is a safety control unit mounted in the crane’s cabin to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery

Is it necessary to install SLI system in our crane?

Yes, it’s necessary and important to avoid any future accidents while working with materials without knowing the actual load and rated crane capacity.

What if we have old crane dose your SLI system support our crane operation?

Yes off course, as per your crane capacity chart we will make a custom SLI system that matches your crane and its operation

We have pre-installed SLI system, still its need to update?

Yes, sometimes pre fitted safety system are inadequate to protect hence we recommend to talk our Crane safety system officer and know the best suited solution for your crane.

What is an anti-two block switch?

Over-hoist switch measures the distance between the lifting hook block & the head of the boom crane, which avoids the collision between them and alerts the operator by sending signals via the SLI.

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