Tension Dynamometer

Dynamometers are crane weighing applications. Tension Dynamometers are used to measure the tension force in the running wire with the help of a load cell sensor mounted in it- deflection pulley method.

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Capacity Dimension: As per your requirement
Pulleys: Moving
Operating Temperature Range: -20ᵒC to +70ᵒC
Material: Stainless steel
Safe Overload of Rated capacity: 100%
Ultimate overload of rated capacity: 300%
Temperature-compensated range: 0-6ᵒC
Environmental Protection: Waterproof IP66
Cable: 2 Pair PVC unshielded
Sensor: Load cell

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About Crane Scales / Tension Dynamometer

The Klug Avalon Mechatronics Pvt Ltd offers reliable tension dynamometers/crane weighing applications- a solution which is also called as crane scale system, for measuring the tension/ force in the wire rope- deflection pulley method. A helping load cell sensor is embedded in the dynamometers which generate the accurate measurement to be finally passed to the SLI Control Unit. This will help the operator to work within the crane rated capacity. This crane dynamometer is mounted on the boom of the crane usually at the fixed area

At the time of primary installation, the Tension Dynamometers are configured as per the load chart provided by the crane manufacturer.

Model selection depends upon

  • Max line tension in wire rope.
  • Wire rope diameter,
  • Accuracy desired
  • Pulley
  • Pulley type
  • Rugged and outdoor duty application
  • Moving pulleys for moving wire rope operation
  • Complete environmental protection
  • Anti-band glad metal
  • Strain Gauge based load sensor

The SLI Control unit received the singles from Dynamometer based on that and interrelated sensor measurement the SLI assure safe working condition for Operator, However, when lifting capacity is reached the defined limit as overloading or risk full tension caught in the guy wire rope, then the System just automatically locks the Crane/machinery until the operator press the bypass button available the control unit or until the operator back to safe mode by adjusting the situation (angle/boom length/ load)

Following are the conditions when the cut-off situation activates the system and lock the machinery is:

  • Radius / Low boom angle
  • Weight Overload situation
  • A 2 B Limit Crossover signals
  • Radius / High boom angle
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What is an SLI System?

Safe Load Indicator is a safety control unit mounted in the crane’s cabin to alert the operator if the lift is exceeding the safe operating range of the machinery

Is it Necessary to install SLI System in our Crane?

Yes, Its necessary and important to avoid any future accident while working with materials without knowing the actual load and rated crane capacity.

What if We Have Old Crane dose your SLI System Support our Crane operation?

Yes Off course, As per your Crane capacity chart we will make a custom SLI system that match your Crane and Its Operation

We have pre-installed SLI System, still its need to update?

Yes, sometime pre fitted safety System are inadequate to protect hence we recommend to talk our Crane safety system officer and know the best suited solution for your crane.

What is an Anti-two Block Switch?

Over-hoist Switch measures the distance between the lifting hook block & Head of the boom crane, which avoids the collision between them and alerts the operator by sending signals via the SLI.

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