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Telescopic Crane

Klug has designed safe load indicators for mobile cranes, telescopic cranes specially in house manufactured. This safety system for cranes includes complete safety measuring products like Display, Dynamometer, Length Cum Angle sensors, A2B switch. This complies with the complete solution for length measurement, angle measurement, overhoisting protection, Overload protection, cutoff mechanism. 


  • Display: Alphanumeric digital display 16*2” 
  • Sensors for Hook Load, SWL, Operating Boom Angle & Radius, Boom Length  
  • Analog inputs: 4,  taken as current or  voltage input 
  • Digital inputs: 4, monitoring on or off state
  • Length Output: 0-5V, Analog
  • Angle Output: 0-5V, Analog
  • Load Output: Analog/ CAN 
  • Relay: 2 no. Potential free relay contacts to implement motion cut off: upgradable to eight no.
  • Overhoist switch : Mechanical type, digital output- 0-1
  • Working Voltage: 240 VAC /110 VAC /24 VDC / 12 VDC 
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC to 60ºC 
  • Storage Temperature Range :  (-) 20º C to 80º C 
  • Accuracy of the System: +/- 2 % or better
  • Environmental protection: IP 65 
  • Data Logger Facility: Storage capacity up to 100000 lift data


  • Dynamometer, Pressure sensor (Optional) based System for measurement of Load 
  • Simultaneous display of all parameters 
  • Motion Cut Off 
  • Optional Wind Speed Indication 
  • Optional Outrigger Sensor 
  • Optional IOT with Instrument Cluster Interface 
  • Optional Camera 
  • Optional External Annunciation light 

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