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Scissors lift

Klug has a rugged design & Construction  of safety system. It has high accuracy and reliability.Audio Visual Warnings for approach, overload. Motion cut off is a special feature given in this system so when load limits exceed its permissible limit it activates. Alphanumeric digital display shows the data to the operator in the cabin.This  system is a load cell based system which  gives high accuracy.


  • Display: Alphanumeric digital display 16*2” 
  • Sensors: Load cells
  • Annunciation: Audio Visual Warnings for approach, overload, Motion cut off.
  • Analog inputs: 4,  taken as current or  voltage input 
  • Digital inputs: 4, monitoring on or off state
  • Load output: Analog/ CAN
  • Working Voltage: 240 VAC /110 VAC /24 VDC / 12 VDC 
  • Operating temperature : 0 – 60º C 
  • Storage temperature:   -20º to 80º C 
  • Accuracy of the System: +/- 2 % or better
  • Environmental protection: IP 65


  • Lift solution available with load cell measurement 
  • High Accuracy 
  • High-Reliability
  • Highly Linear
  • Rugged design & Construction for outdoor duty
  • Alert or Alarm conditions

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