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EOT / Gantry Crane

Klug overhead systems cover all the aspects in one system.system has to be rugged for outdoor duty. The system is completely manufactured in house and has especially designed operations for EOT/Gantry. The safety system is designed as such that it has ultra Bright LED Display which is visible from up to 40-120 Meters.


  • Display: Alphanumeric digital display 16*2” 
  • Sensors: Load pin/ Dynamometer, Multi turn encoder
  • Sensors for Hook Load, SWL,Trolley Radius,Trolley height (Optional)
  • Analog inputs: 6,  taken as current or  voltage input 
  • Digital inputs: 6, monitoring on or off state
  • Encoder Resolution :12 bit upto 80000 rpm
  • Relay: 2 no. Potential free relay contacts to implement motion cut off: upgradable to eight no.
  • Working Voltage: 240 VAC /110 VAC /24 VDC / 12 VDC 
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0ºC to 60ºC 
  • Storage Temperature Range :  (-) 20º C to 80º C 
  • Accuracy of the System: +/- 2 % or better
  • Environmental protection: IP 65 
  • (Optional) Data Logger Facility: Storage capacity up to n100000 lift data


  • System available in Wired or Wireless Option 
  • Rugged for outdoor duty 
  • Single or both hook Monitoring, available in single hook and dual hook configuration    
  • Dynamic Loading without false alarm 
  • Fast Installation, can be done in minutes, no specific tools required
  • Simple Calibration, using inbuilt keypad Complete digital processing, fast, accurate & reliable 
  • Self-diagnostics system warns the operator of any type of system failure 
  • Optional: Wind speed measurement
  • Optional: Radio Remote Control 
  • Optional: Anti Collision System For EOT / Gantry Cranes 
  • Optional: Data Logger Unit 

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