These sensors employ the same principle for measuring the force in the wire rope- Deflection Pulley Method. A Strain gauge based Load Sensor is used to measure this force. The dynamometer is used when the wire rope is running/ moving. Model selection depends upon 

  1. Max line tension in wire rope. 
  2. Wire rope diameter, 
  3. Accuracy desired
  4. Pulley,
  5. 5. Pulley type


  • Capacity Dimension: As per your requirement
  • Pulleys- Moving
  • Operating Temperature Range: -20ᵒC to +70ᵒC
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Safe Overload of Rated capacity- 100%
  • Ultimate overload of rated capacity: 300%
  • Temperature compensated range: 0-6ᵒC
  • Environmental Protection: Waterproof IP66 
  • Cable: 2 Pair PVC unshielded
  • Sensor: Load cell


  • Rugged and outdoor duty application
  • Moving pulleys for moving wire rope operation
  • Complete environmental protection
  • Antiband glad metal
  • Strain Gauge based load sensor


  • Telescopic
  • Crawler
  • Tower
  • EOT/Gantry (If equalizer pulley not available)
  • Offshore 
  • Level Luffing

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