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Aerial Work Platform

Klug has a rugged design & Construction of safety system. It has high accuracy and reliability. Klug developed the lifting solution safety for aerial work platforms upto 700 kg. Audio Visual Warnings for approach, overload. Motion cut off is a special feature given in this system so when load limits exceed its permissible limit it activates.


  • Display: Alphanumeric digital display 16*2”
  • Annociation: Audio Visual Warnings for approach, overload, Motion cut off.
  • Analog inputs: 4, taken as current or voltage input
  • Digital inputs: 4, monitoring on or off state.
  • Working Voltage: 240 VAC /110 VAC /24 VDC / 12 VDC
  • Operating temperature : 0 – 60º C
  • Storage temperature: -20º to 80º C
  • Accuracy of the System: +/- 2 % or better
  • Environmental protection- IP65
  • Length Output: 0-5V, Analog
  • Angle Output: 0-5V, Analog
  • Load Output: Analog Output/ CAN
  • Connectors Type: 3pin & 6pin waterproof auto mobile connectors- male


  • Lift solution upto 500 Kg to 700 Kg
  • High Accuracy, Load Cell For load measurement
  • High Reliability
  • Highly Linear
  • Rugged design & Construction for outdoor duty.
  • Load and Angle sensors
  • Radius in Feet/ Meters
  • Crane Tilt sensor
  • Alert or Alarm conditions

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